The most enjoyable dives, the ones you like.

What is the goal of a specialty? To give the chance to divers to engage themselves in areas and topics of diving they like and enjoy more. You will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the techniques, preparation and requirements of dives of special interest such as ancient or modern wrecks, photography or night diving. The Specialties are easy and of practical value. There is no need for great preparation prior to beginning such a course. Leave your enjoyment to us.

Speciality Dives Min days
Deep Diver 4 2
Night Diver 3 2
Wreck Diver 4 2
Photography Diver 2 1
Digital Photography 2 1
Multilevel Diver 2 1
Search and Recovery 4 2
Boat Diver 2 1
EAX – Nitrox 1
DPV Diver ( Scooter ) 2 1
U/W Naturalist 2 1
Equipment Specialist 1
Oxygen Administrator 1


Note: Althought no Nitrox dives are required Fun Divers will offer to you a nitrox dive free of charge.

Sorry, we do not teach …. Ice Diving. We have … no equipment!

The price includes all the equipment, certification costs and transport / boat expenses where applicable. In most specialties there are PADI manuals which are available at Fun Divers and are also included in the price.

You may take these courses parallel to other continuing education courses. ( Example: During the rescue course a diver may take his wreck diving specialty, always of course within PADI standards and dives / day restrictions ).